How To Find Cheap Neon Signs Of Good Quality

A good neon sign can do wonders for your business. Your clients can find you easier, even after sunset. By displaying a high impact logo, message or image, you can draw the attention of people passing by, thus increasing your brand awareness.

The only thing is that you may not have a big budget to order just any kind of sign you want from Neonstation. This means you need to make a compromise, so that you can have your sign without having to pay a fortune for it. Luckily, modern technology determined a decrease of the prices in many industries, the production of advertising and promotional materials being one of them. However, if you want a cheap neon sign which doesn’t look cheap at all, you may have to invest a little time into research. There are many suppliers who are willing to deliver outstanding quality at affordable prices, but you need to find these professionals, so you have some work to do.

First of all, a good professional is going to show you a solid portfolio of works together with their prices, so that you can make yourself an idea about the options you have. Secondly, someone who knows the business is going to give you a few tips to help you lower your total price. For instance, by choosing one or two colors instead of four, you can cut your price by a significant amount. There’s also a wide choice of materials and technologies, so you need to compare them closely and decide what you should choose in order to obtain a good looking sign at a decent price.

If what you want can’t fit into your budget, perhaps you can find a company willing to allow you pay for your order in multiple installments. This is not something many suppliers would do, but if you find one who believes you are a high potential customer, they might agree with this idea and give you what you need without asking you to pay for the entire order upfront.

When searching for a provider, always make sure you check out their portfolio before anything else. If possible, ask to see their work on site, so that you can be sure you like how those signs look by night. The main purpose of a neon sign is to look good when lit above all other things, so you should perform this quality check before signing up any agreement. In fact, it’s a good idea to check those signs also by day, so that you can see how they look in the daylight. Your clients are going to pass by your headquarters also during the day, so you want them to see a good and memorable sign.

Avoid paying your chosen supplier upfront. Give them some advance, that’s not unusual, but pay the reminder only after your sign is up and working, otherwise you risk to be the victim of a scam or of an incident that might make those people fail.

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