How To Get The Best CCTV Alarm System For A Gated Community

If you own or operate a gated community, you surely know the importance of making sure that it is fully protected at all times. One of the best tools in keeping your community safe is to have a solid CCTV alarm system. When you and your guards can monitor the entire perimeter from multiple angles, you can be absolute certain that everyone is safe and free from any potentially unwanted visitors. Criminal activity can also be kept to an absolute minimum, and detected and dealt with should any happen to unfortunately arise. Of course, there have been a lot of big strides in CCTV systems as of late with the mass increase in camera resolution and other technology. If you’ve been looking to upgrade or even install a CCTV alarm system in your gated community for the first time, you can ask assistance from EEAutomation CCTV. The following paragraphs should give you all you need to know.

1 – How Do CCTV Alarm Systems Work?

First of all, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of how CCTV alarm systems work. While the technology worked into modern CCTV systems has gotten more and more complex, the basics of how they actually work represent a rather elegant design that’s easy to understand. Each system is comprised of various cameras that can either work in both normal lighting settings as well as infrared on some models. Once they’re hooked up, it’s as simple as merely watching the live feed each camera provides on a monitoring station.

Even at night, high resolution cameras and those equipped with infrared can help capture whatever might be going on with a much clearer view. Infrared capability costs more than the standard “bare bones” models of old, but the enhanced security that the feature allows is invaluable. It’s best to splurge up front to make sure your community remains free of problems in the future.

2 – Which CCTV Systems Are Best?

There are a lot of CCTV systems on the market, making it difficult to choose which to go with if you’re unfamiliar. Of course, the old saying that “you get what you pay for” is true in a lot of ways. That doesn’t mean you have to stick exclusively to models in the highest end of the price range however. Just make sure all of the available features are included. It’s best to go with a system that’s also ready to install immediately. Stick with companies like ADT or Symantec since their entire business model is based in the security world. They provide management of their systems, and excellent customer service complete with maintenance and other features.

3 – Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck

First of all, compare and contrast the prices of several alarm system packages. You might even want to talk with other people in your line of work to see what they prefer, especially if they’re part of a well rated gated community themselves. It’s very easy to find reviews online for just about any service. Just don’t put too much stock in any testimonial on the official site for a given alarm system since those might possibly be cherry picked to give off the best impression. You want real impressions from real people. Beyond that, just be prepared to pay a little more to make sure all of the functionality (such as infrared as listed above) is available to you. In the end, you’ll be glad you did.

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